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The VADCROP App is a private App by VADCROP for daily reporting by their employees. It enables the employees to report their visits, placing orders and reporting purposes. The App captures the images of the places where the employee visit and it is understood that the image is captured with the approval of the concerned person.
The GPS Location of the employee is captured during his working hours and not apart from that. It ensures the safety of the employee since they are travelling in remote places as well as enhance business and reporting experience. Orders as well their approvals are placed with the help of the App. The App also helps in finding the no of visits by the employee and the order status.
The app does not store the user’s geo-location for any analyse or future use. Also, the app does not capture or share as Identity, Camera, Contact, Photo/Media/Files, and Device ID while using the App or otherwise.

You still have the right to allow or deny any permission!